Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's day inspired ombré nails tutorial

1. Apply a dark base colour, I used Nicole by O.P.I in Razzle Dazzle (It's basically black!), apply a second coat for really opaque nails.
2. Apply one coat of bright pink starting from the base of the nail to half or 1/4 of the tip, leaving some black on the tip. I used Chanel in No. 217 Splendeur. Absolutely love this colour! 
3. Top it off with some glitter! I've put it all over my nails. Once this coat of glitter is dry, apply another coat stopping right after the coat of pink, to cover the division between the pink and the black. I used Nicole by O.P.I in Rent A Magenta (Sold out)
4. With a Q-tip and nail polish remover, take off any nail polish around your nails.
5. Finally, put a transparent top coat, so you nails stay nice as long as possible! I've used Revlon Multi-care base and top coat (Any good top coat will do!).

Et voilà! hope you enjoyed!

MC xo.

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